Wendy Wright

Position: Partner
Email: wendywright@osbornes.net
Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Wendy is the firm’s senior partner and co-heads the firm’s personal injury department with Stuart Kightley. Wendy has been at Osbornes since she trained at the firm between 1981 and 1983, becoming a partner in 1988. She has specialised in personal injury and medical negligence since 1990.

Over the twenty plus years since then she has enjoyed success for clients in all types of accident cases including accidents at work, car and lorry accidents and tripping and slipping claims. She has also successfully brought several stress at work claims and has been successful in recovering compensation for relatives of victims of accidents where purely psychological damage has been suffered.   This has been a difficult area of law after the Hillsborough cases but Wendy has been successful in recovering compensation for members of victim’s families in several cases like this where the law did not at first seem to be on the client’s side.

On the medical negligence side, Wendy has successfully brought claims for failure to diagnose a pulmonary embolism, failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy and failure to diagnose an ordinary pregnancy until the teenage client gave birth. She also recovered £285,000 in 2002 for a lady who had been the victim of negligent cosmetic surgery on her eyelids.   She has also acted for several clients who have been burned by over zealous laser hair removal treatment.

Recent cases include recovering :

  • Nearly £500,000 for a man who fell down some stairs at a wedding and lost the sight in one eye
  • £600,000 for a tree surgeon who sustained a brain injury as a result of an accident at work
  • More than £100,000 for a chef who injured her arm when lifting something heavy at work
  • More than £100,000 for a carpenter who slipped on grease on a pavement and hurt his shoulder
  • £5,000 for a man whose wife was injured when she was made to walk down the stairs by herself by paramedics
  • £45,000, £37,500 and £30,000 respectively for 3 passengers in the back seat of a taxi that was rear end shunted
  • £200,000 for a chef who broke his ankle in a car accident
  • £247,000 for a lady who was hit by a bus and fractured her pelvis
  • £220,000 for a young lady who was reversed into by a car and fractured her pelvis
  • £157,000 for a man who was injured when a taxi driver drove off when he was still inside the cab
  • £85,000 for a nurse who tripped on a hole in the pavement
  • £11,500 for a cleaner in a hospital who was pierced by a contaminated needlestick in some rubbish
  • £155,000 for a joiner who suffered severe injuries to 4 fingers of his left hand when using a woodwork machine and had to have plastic surgery to replace the top of 2 of the fingers with two of his toes in ground-breaking plastic surgery
  • £365,000 for a Portuguese lorry driver who was driving a Spanish lorry which crashed in England and whose leg had to be amputated at the knee but who was able to carry on working as a lorry driver with a specially adapted lorry
  • £240,000 for a carpenter who sustained a neck and back injury when he had to work in an area with restricted headroom for many hours at a time when he was working on a project to renovate a bridge over the M4
  • £155,000 for a care assistant who tripped on a lead from a vacuum cleaner at work causing the cup she was carrying to break and slice through her wrist.

Wendy has been a member of the Law Society’s specialist Personal Injury Panel since 1994 and is accredited as a senior litigator by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Wendy wrote part of the section about psychiatric injury and is quoted as a solicitor specialising in this area in “Tort Law” by Frances Quinn published by Pearson as part of the Living Law series.

Wendy has two sons and lives in Camden. In her spare time she enjoys the odd game of tennis.

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