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Residential & commercial property litigation solicitors
Landlord & Property Management Services

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Possession proceedings and rent arreas

We act for landlords in possession proceedings in respect of both residential and commercial tenancies.  Where a tenant (whether residential or commercial) has failed to pay his rent by the due date, or rent arrears have already accrued, we can help by dealing with the landlord’s claim for possession of the property.

The procedure for seeking possession of residential property is different to that of commercial premises, and it is essential for a landlord to take legal advice before proceeding with re-entry into the property. We will gladly advise you about the relevant notices to be served upon the tenant and the timescales within which to act.

We act for several established institutional landlords and have the capacity and experience to deal with bulk possessions.  We are ideally situated within easy reach of several London county courts, where such cases are usually heard, and our solicitors are able to undertake the advocacy in straight-forward rent arrears cases.

For advice on any dispute that you are involved in or if you feel that actions may lead to a dispute which you want to avoid please contact Guy Osborn or Shilpa Mathuradas by: