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Personal injury solicitors
Types of Personal Injury Claims

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Internal injury compensation

Internal injuries cover a wide range of personal injury ranging from road accidents to lung damage to food poisoning. This guide shows the range of compensation.


General Damages for Internal Injuries




Injuries to Internal Organs



Chest Injuries



Lung Disease



Asbestos-Related Disease






Digestive System



Damage Resulting from Traumatic Injury



Illness/Damage Resulting from Non-traumatic Injury e.g. Food Poisoning


















This category covers a wide range of injury.  Organ damage can be caused by penetrating injuries such as stab and gun shot wounds, or from serious road traffic accidents.

Industrial disease cases commonly involve damage to the lungs caused by exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos and coal dust.  In the most serious cases claims for general damages can exceed £70,000 for asbestosis, emphysema and similar diseases, and at the lower end claims are made for asthma caused by environmental or industrial pollution.

Food poisoning cases usually involve severe but fairly short lived symptoms and so the value of each claim rarely exceeds the low thousands of pounds.  Victims of food poisoning need legal advice because of the difficulties of proving the case.  This is especially so where the injury was sustained whilst on holiday aboard.

In a recent case we dealt with a British family who stayed in a luxury hotel in India but their two children both suffered a severe reaction after a meal which led to pancreatitis, emergency hospital treatment and repatriation.  Their claims settled for £10,000 each.

Personal injury compensation is divided into two main categories, one for the injuries themselves (general damages) and a second for the financial losses caused by the injury (special damages). This second category includes compensation for loss of earnings, care, and medical expenses.

What you should do next?

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