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Personal injury solicitors
Types of Personal Injury Claims

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Types of Personal Injury Claims

As you might expect there are different monetary values for the various types of accidents you may experience.

The following pages act as a guide and details these values and will give you an idea of what you may expect to receive.

For more guidance on what your claim may be worth and to find out whether you can make a claim for compensation contact our personal injury department by filling in our online form

At Osbornes Solicitors, we have years of experience helping to bring justice to clients for all types of personal injury claims. The most common personal injury claims are those that occur as a result of road accidents, slips, trips and falls, and accidents in the workplace. However, an accident can happen anywhere, and lead to all number of physical injuries. These can range from minor whiplash and sprains, to loss of limbs, serious brain damage, and fatalities.

In the event of a personal injury that wasn't your fault, it is extremely beneficial to have the knowledge and legal representation of a lawyer as soon as possible. Not only will our compensation lawyers go above and beyond to win your claim, we can also refer you to the appropriate medical services, assist in arranging financing for treatment, and acquire the funds needed to pay for these referrals.

At Osbornes Solicitors, we can assist with compensation for:

For the full list of types of personal injury claims we can help with, see to the left of the page.

Claim the injury compensation you deserve

Every day, thousands of people are hurt or seriously injured in accidents that weren't their fault. These accidents can have a range of effects, from mild discomfort to permanent damage, and can lead to a number of negative outcomes, such as loss of earnings through inability to work or from medical fees to help you recover. Of course, it's not fair that the victim of the accident should suffer from both the physical and financial repercussions of such an incident. That's where Osbornes Solicitors can help you claim the injury compensation you deserve.

The first step to claiming the injury compensation you deserve is to find the best solicitor to guide you through the complex compensation claim process. Your chosen solicitor will collate the facts of the incident, including the type of personal injury and the impact it has had, in order to build a case for evidence and achieve the maximum compensation. The level of compensation you receive will vary depending on the type of accident you have suffered; to find out how much you may be entitled to, call Osbornes Solicitors today on 020 3432 5268 or fill out our online form.

Head and Brain Injury Claims

Suffering from a head or brain injury can have a lasting impact on your life, with the potential to affect your education, career and family life, not to mention normal day-to-day activities. Having the support of a legal professional with specific expertise in head and brain injury claims is essential when going through the stress and trauma of such an injury. Not only will an experienced solicitor provide the knowledge required to ensure a strong case for compensation, but they can help to prepare the investigation and treatment you need to get you on the road to recovery.

Our team of over 65 lawyers and staff have a wealth of experience in head and brain injury claims. Rated 'excellent' for client service and care by The Legal 500, you can be confident in Osbornes' ability to look after their clients at a time when they need it most.

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