Osbornes appointed to ‘Headway head injury solicitors panel’

Osbornes are delighted to announce that after going through an assessment process, the personal injury department have been approved by the head injury charity Headway to join their list of recommended head injury solicitors.

Headway is a charity which was set up to provide help and support to people affected by brain injury. The charity promotes understanding of brain injury through publishing information on all aspects of brain injury, lobbying for access to better support and resources for those living with a brain injury and campaigns for measures that will reduce brain injury accidents.

It is estimated that each year more than 1 million people in the UK attend hospital as a result of a head injury. Of these:

  • 150,000 people will suffer a minor Brain Injury
  • 10,000 people will suffer a moderate Brain Injury
  • 11,000 people will suffer a severe Brain injury.

Of these 11,000 it is estimated that 4,500 will require full time support and care for the rest of their lives.

The role of a specialist brain injury solicitor is to support the victim of an injury and their family and make sure that they have access to the appropriate rehabilitation and medical expertise to maximise recovery. Part of this support is to help claim financial compensation which is vital for the changing needs and requirements of the sufferer, enabling them to live as independent as is possible and to enjoy the best quality of life that they can, given their circumstances and injury.

Stuart Kightley, partner at Osbornes and head injury solicitor comments:

“There are many ‘personal injury’ solicitors and claims companies offering help to claim compensation after an accident. When it comes to serious head and brain injury however a specialist service is required from a solicitor who understands head injuries, understands the effect an injury can have on one’s life and who has past experience in dealing with such cases”.

Stuart continued:

“We are pleased to have been recognised by Headway as a firm of solicitors who specialise in head injury. This accreditation is like a ‘kitemark’ to demonstrate our expertise in this area and our commitment to working for accident victims with acquired brain injury.”

If you or a member of your family has sustained a head or brain injury in an accident, contact Stuart for advice and help on making a claim for compensation and gaining access to relevant medical help and rehabilitation services. You can contact Stuart by:

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