Accident at work and disease

There is a wide spectrum of work-related personal injury claims, from construction site accidents to repetitive strain injuries, asbestos exposure and a range of office related injuries.

An employer is duty bound to assess the risk of harm from his work and to take all reasonable steps to minimise that risk. If assessments are not carried out or are inadequate then the employer will usually be liable for any resulting accident.

There is a now a wealth of health and safety legislation but many employers remain oblivious to the dangers of the workplace or the duties they owe to protect their employees and others.

Types of accidents:

Accidents in the office claims

Catering and kitchen injury claims

Factory accident claims

Garage and motor repair injury claims

Railway accidents claims

Nursing injury claims

Construction site accidents

Scaffolding accident claims

Ladder accidents and falls from heights

Warehouse loading injury claims

Forklift truck accidents

Needlestick injury claims

Care homes and nursing home accidents

Tree surgeon and gardener accidents

Farm accident claims

Examples of recent work-related personal injury claims the personal injury department at Osbornes have dealt with:

  • Builder suffering psychological reaction following needle stick injury from discarded syringe. Employers failed to take action to prevent drug users using work site. Claim settled for £20,000.
  • Labourer sustained burns to ankle when liquid nitrogen leaked from pipe he was working on. Required plastic surgery. Claim settled for £100,000.
  • 60 year old machinist tripped over cable from her sewing machine, sustaining back injury. Recovered £70,000 damages.
  • Train driver traumatised after witnessing suicides, but not counselled by employer and suffered severe psychiatric reaction. Claim settled at door of court for £50,000.
  • Bank employee suffered stress after bullying from supervisor. Claim settled for £40,000.


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